Wusthof -7" Santoku knife - IKON Line

Made in Grenadill wood and feature a distinctive, double bolster, this Santoku knife is perfect for slicing vegetables the thinnest you want!

An asian version of the chef's knife, this 7'' Santoku features a distinctive, double bolster made for exceptional balance and grip. Made of Grenadill wood (or African Blackwood), which is one of the hardest and heaviest woods in the world, this Santoku is precision-forged from a single piece of an exclusive high-carbon stainless steel.

 Its ultra-thin blade is perfect for slicing vegetables, but also cross-cut fish and meats.

This knife is from the exclusive IKON Line, which represents the jewel of the Wüsthof collection.

  • Blade : 6.89 inch long / 1.81 inch width
  • Regular to wafer-thin cuts
  • Good for : Cabbage, Fish, Fruit, Head of lettuce, Herbs, Meat, Dry or semi-dry sausage, Vegetables
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