Wusthof - 7'' Santoku with Hollow Edge - Classic White

An alternative form to the chef's knife, the most important knife in a kitchen, the Santoku knife is perfect for slicing vegetables the thinnest you want!

All purpose knife, it is used for 80% of kitchen tasks. We therefore quickly understand why it is important to choose a knife that is well thought out, well balanced and comfortable in hand.

Bestseller of the Wusthof collections, the Classic Line is now offered in a refined white handle that will bring color in your kitchen.

Technical characteristics:

  • Full length silk (blade)
  • Forged steel knife
  • Alloy making up the blade: hardness of 58 on the Rockwell scale (HRc), i.e. a medium hard steel
  • Polypropylene handle riveted in 3 places
  • The depressions (alveoli) along the blade minimize friction between food and the blade and allow them to peel off the blade more easily, making cutting easier.
  • Light, this knife also has a handle slightly smaller than a standard chef's knife, particularly suitable for smaller hands.
  • Contoured handle for increased comfort


It is very important to maintain your knife frequently (at least 1 to 2 times per week, even every day) with a rifle (or rat tail) made of a metal just as hard as that of your knife (consult us for more information).
Alternatively, the two-step sharpener is a practical tool that does not require technique.
The important thing is to use one or the other, but to use one. If you fail to do so, you will notice an under-performance of the edge of your knife and you will be exposed to an increased risk of injury.
Washing in the dishwasher strongly discouraged, since it dulls the edge of the knife (the sharp part of the knife); so hand wash.


Depending on the use, once or twice a year, sharpen your knife (on a grinding wheel or Japanese water stones). At any time, you can bring your knives to the store to have them sharpened by our Sandro Vecchio trimmer (generally 4 days).

  • Made in Solingen, Germany
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