It is in Lacanche, a village in Burgundy and Côte d'Or, that the company has been designing and producing since the end of the 18th century, objects and equipment for the kitchens of individuals and professionals.

The "Pianos Gastronomes"

Colors, equipment, accessories, finishes ...
Thanks to its many options, the Lacanche stove is the expression of a culinary art with multiple flavors.

Lacanche combines tradition and modernity to allow chefs and food lovers to express their talents. This vocation in the service of the culinary art finds its roots in the history of the brand and the land where it was built, in the heart of a region of France where gastronomy holds an essential place. Lacanche also finds its inspiration by preserving the principles and values ​​which have built its reputation; simplicity, authenticity, respect for matter, people and time.

A Lacanche stove is timeless. It's built to last. If certain innovations and improvements are regularly developed and adopted, Lacanche on the other hand finds no meaning in planned obsolescence.

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