Maison Milan - Wood knife, black

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The knife reinvented. Maison Milan gives height to the traditional knife. With a sturdy cast iron handle, it is able to stand upright on its own. The solid walnut blade handles with ease and cuts lettuce and other vegetables with ease.

This knife reinvented by designer Chifen Cheng, in collaboration with Maison Milan, easily grinds salt, pepper, spices and nuts with the bottom of the handle which acts like a pestle. This special edition has a handle covered with 12 carat gold.

The wide wooden blade makes it easy to bring food to the pan.

Comfortable in the hand, adored by children - approved by parents - and ingenious in its design, this new kind of knife combines wood and cast iron for a remarkable presence in a refined kitchen.

See the product in action in a video made by the designer:


To keep your product luster and to prevent cracking, it is not left immersed in water, nor is it put in the dishwasher. And you get into the habit of cleaning and wiping it down as soon as you're done.

  • Using a small scrub brush, apply a drop of dish soap and a little hot water to the surface of your product and lightly scrub the entire surface.
  • With a soggy cloth, wipe off excess suds and soap.
    Soak up excess moisture with a dry cloth.
  • Let air dry for several hours.
  • Use very fine sandpaper # 220 and larger to remove the grooves. This is done in the direction of the grain with a very fine sandpaper, and over the entire surface of the to keep it regular.
  • Apply a thin layer of mineral oil to the product from time to time when the wood begins to turn white.

To remove stains left by certain foods, you can also rub with lemon coated with coarse salt before rinsing and wiping.

Disinfect your product

Before and after use, wash them with hot soapy water and disinfect them, if necessary, with a bleach solution (5 ml of bleach to 750 ml of water).

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