Zwilling - Fresh and Save - 7 Pc Vacuum Starter Set - Plastic - White

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Prepare your meals today and enjoy them all week? You can with this Fresh and Save starter set. Food retains its freshness five times longer than with conventional storage solutions without vacuuming.

  • The vacuum function: Foods keep their freshness five times longer than with conventional storage solutions without vacuuming: The aromas and nutrients are preserved, food waste is reduced.
  • Lightweight and unbreakable, for space saving, stackable storage of food and meals in fridge and freezer, plastic containers can be tucked into each other in your closet when not in use.
  • Safe freezing of food and dishes (no freezer burn thanks to vacuum storage) in vacuum bags and containers.
  • Vacuum containers are suitable for microwave and dishwasher use.
  • Reusable Vacuum Bags: Can be frozen, heat resistant (great for sous vide cooking), microwave safe.
  • The set includes a vacuum pump, 2 plastic containers, 2 vacuum bags of size S and 2 of size M (container capacity (without lid) / maximum fill level: Container size M 1.1 l / 0.9 l; container size L 2.3 l / 2 l, vacuum bag: S 1.25 l / 4 l).
  • Composition: Without Bisphenol A, plastic (container cover), bag (zip closure) silicone (valve, seal).
  • Hermetic lid with double sealing technology.
  • Simple connection between containers and vacuum bags and the ZWILLING Culinary World app via the QR code on the lid for food and shelf life tracking.
  • The free app calculates the vacuum shelf life of foods and dishes and the reminder function notifies you in a timely manner of when the food should be eaten. The app also offers recipes, tutorials, and a shopping list.

Keep prepared foods in containers:

Vacuum soft foods:

Cooking sous vide:

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