Wusthof - 26 cm steel butcher

Article code 3344
Tool par excellence for the maintenance of the knife, this rifle is composed of an alloy with a hardness of 58 on the Rockwell scale (HRc), compatible with almost all European knives


Also known as a rat's tail, the butcher is used to maintain the knife.
Maintenance is carried out at least several times a week, even every day before or after use.

Alternatively, a 2-step sharpener can be used for maintenance, requiring no technique. In this case, the (soft) ceramic portion will be used. The other, rough, will be used a few times a year when the soft portion is no longer effective.

Technical characteristics of the butcher:

  • Length: 26 cm; standard for the vast majority of knives
  • Hardness of 58 on the Rockwell scale (HRc). the importance of the hardness of the metal of the rifle resides in the fact that this one must always be composed of a metal just as hard as that of the knife; if necessary, the knife would damage the butcher and no maintenance would be carried out. Consult us in store for more information.

Tool guaranteed for life

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