Demeyere - Auto-cooker 8L (8.5Qt)

Pressure cooker Demeyere of 8L, 22 cm of diameter in stainless steel.

The Demeyere AirControl pressure cooker offers up to 70% faster cooking compared to traditional methods. This reduces energy consumption by up to 50% and guarantees the preservation of vitamins and nutrients.

At a pressure of 1 bar, water boils at 100 °C in a normal pressure pan. By increasing the pressure, the boiling temperature increases and the cooking time is considerably shortened. With the Demeyere pressure cooker you can cook between 112°C and 118°C, which reduces the cooking time to 1/3 of that of a traditional pressure cooker. With the Demeyere pressure cooker, you save time and energy. In addition, food retains its natural taste and color. Vitamins and minerals are preserved better than in a normal pressure cooker. Demeyere offers a 10-year warranty on all manufacturing and material defects, no warranty for professional use.


  • High quality 18/10 stainless steel
  • Three-layer SIGMA Classic sandwich bottom for perfect heat distribution and optimal heat storage
  • Two cooking modes, pressure indication, scale
  • Safe to use with safety valve and handle, pressure regulator, quick evaporation
  • Suitable for all burners, including induction
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