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With a volume of 2L, this saucier with lid is very suitable for the preparation of large quantities of sauces, creams or for frying food in butter.

Holding 2,1 litres, the saucier with lid is ideal for the preparation of larger volumes of sauces, creams or for quickly tossing ingredients in butter. The tightly closing lid prevents any heat from escaping.Inspired by American cookware, it was designed by the Belgian designer Stefan Schöning, who gave it timeless minimalist lines.

Technical characteristics of the parts:

  • 5-ply construction
  • Without rivets inside the pieces; laser riveted on the outside (makes cleaning easier)
  • SILVINOX (md) interior / exterior finish which minimizes the accumulation of stubborn yellowish stains (this characteristic is highly appreciated by the team in our kitchen; the washing of pans is therefore much easier)
  • Highly reliable heat distribution stability (unlike most brands). For example, in comparative tests, Demeyere stoves, when heated for a prolonged period with only a fatty substance, are those for which the fat remained uniformly distributed, unlike others for which the fatty substance was distributed around the edges.

Useful information:

  • Compatible with all heat, including induction
  • Residential warranty 30 years, commercial 10 years
  • Made in Belgium
  • Capacity: 2.11 L
  • Length of product: 15.35 in
  • Width of product: 8.66 in
  • Height of product: 5.12 in
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