Gastrolux: Maintenance and user guide

Here are important caring tips for your Gastrolux cookware

The first use

There is nothing more simple. A simple cleaning with hot water and a little dishwashing liquid is sufficient. Pat dry your utensil.

Daily use

  • Unlike other non-stick pans, goes up to maximum heat
  • Oven resistant up to 500F, handle included
  • We recommend using wooden/nylon/silicone spatulas but to avoid metal as much as possible.

1. Heat your pan dry (without fat) for a few minutes (medium-high heat)

    • Tip: to find out if your pan is hot: throw a few drops of water on the surface.
      • If they dance like balls of mercury: it’s quite hot
      • If they evaporate: continue heating, it's not hot enough yet

2. When you are ready: add your fat (*note: use a fat that is appropriate for the cooking temperature you choose)

    • Butter + olive oil: when the heat is LOW-MEDIUM
    • Vegetable oil, grapeseed oil, avocado oil, ghee (clarified butter), duck fat: MEDIUM-HIGH

3. It’s time to cook.

4. When you are finished (this is the most important step):

    • Put a drop of soap in your pan and run it under COLD water. The thermal shock will help dissolve the fat better. This is essential to help maximize the life of your cookware.
    • Wash with a rough sponge (the green part of a Scotch Brite sponge is the desired texture)
      • Do not use steel wool

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The Boutique Crème Team
20 Jul 2022
I have a deep pan gastro lux with a non removable handle. Can you explain to me how to remove it because I would like to use it in the oven.
Thanks, Lou
12 Feb 2022
We have residue on the bottom plate of our induction pots. What is the preferred method for removing this?
Thank you
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