Staub - 2 Piece Pot holder set - Cherry

To protect the cook from burns, this 100% cotton practical potholders are perfect.

To protect the cook from burns, Staub designed these practical potholders. They are made from 100 % cotton on the outside, with a polyester filling for thermal insulation, and are machine washable at 30°C. The potholders come in a set of two identical pieces. They have the classic and time-tested square shape with a side length of 21 cm, a good size for protecting the hands when taking a pot or pan from the stove. The potholders can be stored hanging from a textile loop so they are always within reach and add a little colour to the kitchen. The front side features a timeless design of dark red stripes on the off-white background, while the back side has a quilted pattern.  The little label in the colours of the French tricolour flag is a reminder of Staub’s heritage and an inspiration to add a little elegance to your every meal and turn a simple recipe into a gourmet dish.

  • Designed in France
  • Machine wash up to 30°C
  • 100 % cotton
  • Tricolour loop for hanging storage
  • Set of two potholders
  • 9x9''
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