Squality by Gastrolux - Sauté pan 28cm - Grey

Article code SQS28G
Squality by Gastrolux is a line of premium non-stick frying pans using Biotan technology, the coating designed by Gastrolux for its entire range. Made in Denmark.
  • Non-stick surface Biotan
    Biotan® is our proprietary non-stick coating exclusively developed in our factory.
    Integrating biominerals gives flexibility to the non-stick surface and avoids cracking and peeling even if the surface is scratched or cut. Guaranteed PFOA and PFOS free. Biotan® delivers unparalleled nonstick durability.
  • Handle and fixation
    A unique casted-in-handle fixation system eliminates the necessity for screws or rivets.
  • Easy maintenance
    Wash in hot water with conventional, mild detergent and a soft sponge, avoid  the dishwasher.
  • Warranty
    All Squality® line products have a 2 year guarantee, covering manufacturing defects.
  • Made in Denmark
    Manufacturing entirely made in Denmark, a pledge of quality.
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