Littledeer - The Kitchen Quill

Also called The Ebelskiver Turning Tool. Discover the kitchen quill, a unique utensil by its design and innovative. Its main strength remains its versatility. Discover the different possible uses below. Made in Quebec.


  • Whisking an egg.
  • Scoring pastry.
  • Fluting a pie crust.
  • Rippling icing.


  • Rolling sausage.
  • Retrieving herbs from soup.
  • Testing meat for tenderness.
  • Removing bits from Panini grill.


  • Picking a pickle.
  • Skewering fruit.

Beverage accessory:

  • Swizzling a tall drink.
  • Scooping out coffee grounds.
  • Hooking a tea bag.

Miscellaneous uses:

  • Pulling out toast rack.
  • Snagging stuff out of corners.
  • Reaching around blender blades.
  • Poking a hole in a seal.
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