Jean-François Plante - Rôtir, recettes savoureuses au four (French)

A roasting pan, an oven and good ingredients: you don't need more to cook delicious dishes. Jean-François Plante offers you more than 100 tempting recipes in a book full of flavors! Book In French.

For Jean-François Plante, roasting food is the best way to enhance it and the easiest cooking method to prepare simple or sophisticated meals that are crowned with success.

By following the chef's advice, master the art of slow or lively roasting which concentrates flavors and gives perfect textures to meats, poultry, fish, but also to vegetables!

Roasted eggplant, virgin sauce with bocconcini pearls; tians of vegetables with fondant goat cheese straw; tiger prawns with roasted tomato fricassee and white wine; Italian sausages, orzo with tomatoes and zucchini; chicken in crapaudine in dry brine, as in Provence; roast prime rib with more than perfect juice ...

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