Émile Henry - Delight dutch oven 2L, slate

Delight Émile Henry dutch oven. Slate color. Perfect for preparing all your dishes to simmer, roast, brown, with ease. Color: Slate. Capacity: 2L. Made in France.

The "Delight" Sauteuse is the result of an advanced technological recipe. It is very light and compatible with all types of cookers (including induction). It offers the benefits of healthy cooking, respecting the nutritional qualities of ingredients.

The homogeneous distribution of heat in the ceramic is ideal for revealing the flavors at low heat and for gently candying, without burning... The spikes under the lid capture the evaporated juices that fall back into the preparation in a fine rain, basting it continuously during cooking, for a soft and concentrated result in flavors.

Technical information :

  • Length / Diameter 31 cm
  • Width 27 cm
  • Height 15,5 cm
  • Number of people 4-6
  • Product weight 2,8
  • Maximum temperature 290 °C
  • Minimum Temperature -20 °C
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