Breville - ''The Oracle touch'' espresso machine

A semi-automatic machine, therefore with good autonomy to grind the grain and froth the milk. Integrated conical grinding wheel mill. Double kettle for quick and efficient use, especially in the office.

In short :

  • conical wheel mill integrated into the machine (efficient, compact and less expensive)
  • very interesting infusion quality
  • high-performance automatic milk froth option
  • 2 kettles: rapid heating + coffee infusion independent of milk frothing = time saving and allows you to make several serial coffees
  • most attractive value for money on the market

Want to see the machine in action? Watch the video below produced by the company:

Good to know:

  • calibration required for grinding and brewing time depending on the coffee used
  • screen allows you to create profiles recording your brewing preferences

Why the Oracle Touch rather than another?

  • Semi-automatic, it saves time, without having complex mechanics to maintain like an automatic machine.
  • It also offers better extraction (in our opinion) than a fully automatic machine. Suitable for people who want to minimize handling while getting the best coffee possible; also ideal for offices.

Technical characteristics:

  • digital temperature controller (PID)
  • rapid machine heating
  • stainless steel conical wheel mill
  • pre-brew which allows a more uniform extraction of coffee
  • automatic cleaning of the steam nozzle

2 year product warranty

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