Bamix - Mono White Blender (6 Piece Set)

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The bamix M133 Mono hand blender offers so much more than your typical immersion blender. Thanks to the unique "open head" design around the blades, the bamix draws food into the blades and creates a vortex while mixing.

The Bamix Mono M133 set contains:

  • a multi-use blade : allows you to chop, crush, mash and mash frozen foods
  • a whip disc : allows you to whip, whip or even froth all liquids such as milk, cream, egg whites, sauces and soups
  • a disc-mixer : allows you to homogenize and bind all your preparations to obtain a creamy, light and very smooth result. It is the recommended tool for whipping mayonnaise.
  • a 0.6 L cup with lid to work and
  • a wall storage rack.

Technical details :

  • High Performance 140 Watt AC motor, allowing continuous use for up to 5 minutes without overheating.
  • WARNING: the power of 140 W may seem low compared to other models, but it is nevertheless more powerful than the majority of models on the market given the design of its motor.
  • 2 speeds (8,000 to 12,000 rpm depending on speed).
  • 34 cm high.
  • Made in switzerland
  • Lifetime warranty on motor and 2 years on parts.

Here is a video presenting the results of a comparative test where Bamix ranked # 1:

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