A+J métissage - Hand-blown Salt Cellar, Walnut Cover, Blue

Salt cellar with a minimalist design, it is the work of the ceramicist-glassblower duo Amélie Lussier and Julien Mongeau (hence the A + J). Handmade in Montreal, it is one of the beautiful objects that give vitality and character to our kitchens.

About A + J Métissage: ceramicist Amélie Lussier and glassblower Julien Mongeau form a couple, in life and at work. They recreate pieces that combine these two materials and give a soul to the kitchen.

  • This hand of salt is in mouth-blown glass; walnut cover.
  • Dimensions: Height 7 cm x diameter 9.5 cm

A word from the craftsmen on this object:

“In the kitchen, in the heat of the moment, no one wants to struggle with a traditional salt shaker. We want everything to be quick and easy. Here's why we created this hand blown glass salt with a wooden lid: to have the pleasure of using a simple and effective object, which opens and closes without a hitch thanks to its cover which simply drops into place.

The glass is easy to clean and does not retain odors or flavor, allowing the hand to use salt to store spices, tea or coffee. The lid is finished with a nut free oil. Like each of our products, it is also so decorative that it will find its place in full view on your counter. "

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