Japanese Cuisine (EN) • 2 décembre 2019

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In the session, Hachiro is more than happy to share his ideas to all, starting with simple Japanese methods for vegetable preparation, soup recipe and ideas for parties that are not only tasty but also feast your eyes.

*This class will be held in English*

A word about the chef : 

Hachiro started his career in cooking in Tokyo where he met his wife Aiko and moved to Canada in 2008. His creativity brought him to many restaurants, including: Iwashi Izakaya/Cafe Sardine, Thazard Bistro, Team Sozai and Marusan. He is currently at Gokudo Cocktail Bar serving plates that match perfectly with their specialty cocktails. He has also managed many caterings for parties on demand.

Gokudo Cocktail Bar : 630, rue Cathcart, à Montréal.(514) 375-3715gokudo.ca/

Instagram : @gokudo_mtl

This class recipes : (coming up)

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