Home-made pasta (EN) • March 16 2020

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When being taught with Massimo, fresh pasta is a easy task to do. Pay attention to his techniques as they are his secrets to his more-than-famous pastas, as his sells them at its new shop on Saint-Hubert Street, in Rosemont.

*This class will be held in English*

Making your own fresh pasta is easier than it seems, but it calls for paying attention to the tips and technique Massimo will show you in this masterclass on making your fresh pasta at home. With little instruments, he will show you the many different types of pasta you can achieve with a simple pasta roller. He will then decline the pastas with various recipes, matches made in heaven.

A word about the chef : Over one year ago, he opened its Épicerie Conserva on the Saint-Hubert Plaza where he displays home-made and ready-to-go meals made by chefs, including himself. Its store features bakery, butchery and catering services as well. A very inspiring and magnificent location to discover and re-discover season after season. Before opening his store, Massimo Vincelli worked at Les 400 coups and at Hoogan et Beaufort.

Épicerie Conserva : 6604, St-Hubert Street, Montréal. (514) 274-4777; https://epicerie-conserva.business.site/

Instagram : @epicerieconservamtl

This class recipes :

  • Tagliatelle with tomato sauce, parmigiano and basil
  • Strozzapretti with pesto
  • Garganelli with meat sauce

Two videos from the classes of last season :


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