Wusthof - 9'' Bread knife - Epicure

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3rd most important knife in the kitchen, the bread knife can cut bread, roasts and thin-skinned fruits. Classic knife, this knife offers an exceptional balance for optimal comfort and minimal fatigue.

This knife is used to cut bread, roasts and thin-skinned fruits. Its length becomes particularly helpful when the time comes to cut oversized fruits and vegetables (squash, watermelon, etc.).

The Epicure Line was made with one goal: reunite the German quality and strength of cutlery with the efficiency and lightness of Japanese knives

Technical characteristics:

  • 23 cm full length silk (blade)
  • The alternating-inverted pattern of the serrated blade allows cutting with less effort and less crushing fragile foods (bread, tomatoes, etc.). It makes our lives that much easier for cutting thicker breads or with particularly hard crusts.
  • Forged steel knife
  • Alloy making up the blade: hardness of 58 on the Rockwell scale (HRc), i.e. a medium hard steel
    Polypropylene handle riveted in 3 places


  • Washing in the dishwasher strongly discouraged, since it dulls the edge of the knife (the sharp part of the knife); so hand wash.


  • The serrated bread knife cannot be fully sharpened. However, its design means that the inverted cutting cells do not touch the cutting surface (the board) and therefore dull very quickly.

  • Made in Solingen, Germany
  • Guaranteed for life
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