Skeppshult - Cast iron wok 32cm , walnut handle

Skeppshult 32cm cast iron wok. Walnut handle. Compatible with all hobs, including induction. Designed in Denmark, made in Sweden.

Cast iron wok

Danish design, Swedish product

Technical Characteristics :

High diameter 31,5 cm
Bottom diameter 10 cm
Depth 8 cm
Capacity 5 to 6 people
Volume 4.5 L
Handle material Black anodized aluminum
Cast iron warranty 25 years
Use All heat

Coating Note:

Without any PTFE coating or other chemicals, Skeppshult cast iron will not scratch or wear. Quite the contrary, the cast iron wok will patina and season. The seasoning (lubrication) is formed as and when use, like the old casseroles of grandmothers of yesteryear.

Production Note:

The Skeppshult plant is certified eco-responsible and uses wind energy as a source of electricity. A family and artisanal production, with quality control rules that ensure a flawless product. All products are guaranteed for 25 years by the manufacturer.

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