In the kitchen since 1940!

Since 1940 Ankarsrum has been manufacturing multi-function mixers in Sweden. They have designed robust appliances that will help you for a very long time in all your kitchen tasks. Whether it is for the preparation of your bread, your fresh pasta, your smoothies, your pastries, sausages or even apple sauce, it will be your most faithful companion!

Pasta Fettuccine Ankarsrum

Handmade in Sweden

Ankarsrum Assistent is made and assembled by hand in Sweden. It is built to last and is backed by a 7 year warranty. Each device is individually tested before leaving the factory.

Knead, squeeze, crush, grind? No problem.

The different accessories will allow you to make perfect sausages, burgers, bread, pasta, applesauce, smoothies and anything else you can dream of. The only limits to what you and your Ankarsrum Assistent can accomplish will be your imagination.

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