Senzo - Santoku Knife

The 1st knife in importance in the kitchen, the chef's knife assists you in all your tasks. The santoku is an all-purpose knife that allows you to chop food. This Japanese knife is light while presenting a blade of medium-hard steel.

The Japanese Senzo collection:

  • The knives are of a Japanese manufacturing style.
  • Steel alloy including molybdenum and vanadium (MoVa): 56-58 ° on the Rockwell scale (HRc)
    - Molybdenum increases resistance to corrosion
    - Vanadium increases the strength of the blade
  • Magnolia wood handles, stainless steel ring
  • Made in Seki, Japan

The santoku knife:

  • The santoku knife is an all-purpose knife. Like the chef's knife (guytoh), it is essential in the kitchen.
  • Its length makes it your main kitchen tool, used for 80% of tasks on average.
  • Unlike the chef's knife (guytoh), the shape of the blade commands you to cut food by chopping it rather than back and forth.
  • The maintenance of the knife is done via a rat tail (rifle) must the metal is at least as hard as that of the knife (see associated products at the bottom of the screen).
  • Length: 20 cm (8 ")
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