Emile Henry - Medallion foie gras terrine - Flour

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Terrine for foie gras Emile Henry medallion color Flour.

The Medallion Style Foie Gras Terrine allows you to make a tasty homemade foie gras and beautiful slices in medallions. Very easy to use, the terrine has a pressing and fat recovery system, specially designed for a 500gr extra quality foie gras. The lid acts as a press during cooking and the fat is naturally recovered in the tank. The lid will then allow the round shape to be molded during the maturation of the foie gras. Made of HR (High Resistance) ceramic.

Technical information :

Total capacity: 0,6 L
Length / Diameter INT: 18,5 cm
Height INT: 4,5 cm
Maximum temperature: 270°C
Minimum Temperature: 20

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