Cristel - Non-stick wok 28cm

Stainless steel wok with mirror finish in Multiply trilaminate, stainless steel / aluminum / stainless steel, with non-stick Exceliss coating, 28cm diameter.

The three superimposed layers of 18/10 stainless steel, aluminum and stainless steel in Casteline woks allow the heat to spread throughout the body of the cooking utensil.

Wok cooking requires high temperatures to preserve the food's color, flavor and nutritional qualities.
Casteline woks are the perfect answer to the demands of this fast and healthy cooking.

The wok's flared shape allows food to be heated evenly with little fat. The Exceliss non-stick coating on CRISTEL woks further enhances the wok's unique qualities.

Requires handles or removable handle.

Technical information: 

  • Inside Ø of the article: 28 cm
  • Ø of the bottom : 15,80 cm
  • Length: 34.50 cm
  • Depth of the bowl: 8.50 cm
  • Height without lid: 8.90 cm
  • Weight: 1,32 kg
  • Capacity : 3,9 L
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