Breville - "Fresh and Furious" mixer 1100 W

C$249.95 C$219.95
Here is a mixer with hybrid performance between a standard mixer and a high-performance mixer. Perfect for everyday tasks like smoothies with kale and ultra-smooth soups.

Technical characteristics :

  • Tritan bowl
    - heat resistant BPA free plastic co-polymer; the same plastic that makes up Vitamix bowls
  • 1.5 L capacity
  • 1100W power allowing very interesting performances for common tasks (smoothies with ice, ultra-smooth soups). By comparison, a standard mixer has about 600-750W and a high-performance mixer (Vitamix) has about 1600W.
  • 3 modes of pre-programmed sequences (sequences between 60s and 2min); with variable speeds and which stop by themselves:
    - smoothies
    - green smoothies (with tough leafy vegetables)
    - self-pulsing mode for crushing ice
  • 5 grinding speeds (from "mix" to "liquefy")
  • Auto-stop before the engine overheats (photo 4)
    - very practical for thick textures (purees, hummus)
  • Silent based on user reviews

1 year manufacturer's warranty

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