Vitamix: An Unknown Story

We know Vitamix blenders for what they are today: small, powerful and versatile kitchen appliances with a clean design. But how did these appliances conquer kitchens?


Company founder William Grover "Papa" Barnard began his career in 1921 selling small kitchen appliances. He traveled across the United States, selling kitchen appliances at fairs and trade shows during the Great Depression.

When "Papa" learned of the first blenders in 1937, he quickly saw the great potential of these small appliances. He saw a new, quick and efficient way to prepare healthy and tasty meals without losing their nutritional qualities. It was his instinct and vision that guided his choice to focus primarily on manufacturing high power blenders. This is how the brand "Vita-Mix" appeared, from the Latin word vita, which means "life".


Originally designed for professionals, the family business opened up to the domestic market in the early 1950s in response to strong consumer demand for quality blenders for everyday use. The democratization of kitchen appliances is then booming!

To publicize his blenders, and as television becomes a popular advertising communication channel, "Papa" Barnard operates a demonstration on television. He is even credited with being at the origin of the first infomercial in the United States!

Building on its success, it was in 1969 that the Vitamix 3600 was released, the first blender that could make hot soups, ice cream, grind grains and knead bread dough.


Today, Vitamix manufactures all of its blenders at its facility in Cleveland, Ohio. The very essence of its expertise is always to remain the same: durable, versatile and powerful blenders.

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Julien Champainne
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