Gastrolux: Maintenance and user guide

The first use

There is nothing more simple. A simple cleaning in hot water with a little washing-up liquid is sufficient. You can then dry your utensil.

Daily use

Unlike other non-stick pans, goes up to maximum heat
Oven resistant up to 500F, handle included (do not broil)
You can use metal inside the pan, unless it is sharp or a knife
In addition, all Gastrolux utensils can be used without adding fat. In that case :

- Grill a meat: Heat your pan without fat. When it is at the desired temperature, you can simply sear your meat without adding any fat.
- Cook vegetables: Place your vegetables in your pan when cold, adding the equivalent of a cup of water (250mL). Cover everything with the glass lid. The minerals and vitamins contained in vegetables will be better preserved in this way.


After each use, it is recommended to put your utensil under cold water when it is still hot. You can let it soak. The aim of the operation is to achieve a thermal shock which prevents an accumulation of fat and odors.

You can then simply use dish soap and a sponge to remove the grease residue.

It is important not to put your utensil in the dishwasher. Fats will tend to soak up which will eventually damage the nonstick coating.

If, unfortunately, your utensil is marked with residues that will not come off, it is recommended to put white vinegar inside and leave to act for about 8 hours. The purpose of the operation is to dissolve fat.


You are now ready to fully enjoy your new kitchen companion!

1101 Cuisine Team
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