Discover Ozgë: textile artist behind Confetti Mill

" Atelier confetti mill is a proposition on how we lead our lives and what we consume. Festive and pure, the brand emphasizes the beauty of handcrafted objects, the importance of encouraging local economies and the power of slow- design."

Linens, made in Montreal

Why linen?

Linen is a natural, strong, heat-resistant fiber that only softens and improves over time! Flax production also contributes to renewable agriculture as it requires few fertilizers and pesticides.

Where does his inspiration come from?

Throughout his travels, Ozgë rediscovered the artisan traditions of his native country, Turkey, and the quality of the handmade items. Hence the inspiration to create simple objects, but with remarkable details, which give their signature to the Confetti Mill selection.

In the current context, the vision of Ozgë meets the mission of our shop: to promote quality articles, therefore sustainable, and to encourage the best of our local artisans. Long live Ozgë and its beautiful project.


Loic Martin-Rouillard
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