Bamix - Immersion Blender - G2000 Gastro Pro (4 blades)

A premium performance hand blender designed for professionals. Made in collaboration with professionals, he's NSF rated and durably built to handle the rigors of a commercial kitchen as well as the experienced at-home culinary artist. With 2 powerful spee
  • The bamix Gastro Pro-2 opens up a world of culinary options. Made by professionals for professionals,  the hand blender is NSF rated and built to handle the rigors of a commercial kitchen.
  • Thanks to the unique "open head" design around the blades, the bamix draws food into the blades and creates a vortex while mixing. This blends more thoroughly and efficiently than other immersion blenders in less time.
  • Bamix features an interchangeable blade system, so making smooth sauces and soups is just the beginning. Aerate egg whites and make whipped cream with ease with the whisk blade, or use the beater blade to emulsify a smooth mayonnaise in just seconds.
  • This versatility and power is why chefs around the world have enthusiastically used the bamix in their kitchens for decades.

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