Introducing The Alessi Circus Collection


From Italy since 1921

With festivity, Marcel Wanders delivers iconic kitchenware designed to capture the spectacle only found under the big top.
Using bold, geometric patterns of circles, stripes, conic shapes, and colours such as white, black, yellow, red and gold, each piece reminds of historical symbols from the circus universe resonating an experience of wonder and amusement.
The “Alessi Circus” collection features a colourful range of tableware items: Placemate, Bowls, Round Trays, Ice Bucket, Bottle stands, Wine cooler, Salad bowls, Mugs, Small bowls, Containers.
Stylish objects with evocative shapes and decorations: multicoloured circles, stripes, diamonds and segments, evoking the fabrics of circus costumes, the big top and circus bunting. Marcel Wanders plays with circus imagery, translating its timeless beauty into a colourful, joyous collection.